About Us

At Precious Memories Funeral Home, LLC, we understand the weight that funeral planning can bring. To help lighten your load and ease your burden, we provide thoughtful memorials and meaningful funeral ceremonies.  As one of the premier death care providers in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, we have the years and experience to properly honor the deceased and serve your family with a spirit of excellence.

The difference between us and other funeral homes- is our staff. We've all experienced losses and this helps us understand how hard it can be to deal with the death of a loved one. Our staff really takes the time to listen. To help. To comfort. And that's the most important reason of all.

We are dedicated to the growth, development and professionalism of our staff. We provide a work environment which encourages excellence, accountability, safety, trust, and compassion. This serves as a model for the dignity, respect and service we expect our staff to demonstrate towards every family we serve. The passion behind what we do makes the difference !

The Precious Memories planning conference is flexible, brief, and simple. That's why we are the first choice for hundreds of families in our community. Call us, and allow us to help you create a meaningful,healing service. 

A Celebration of Life

It’s about bringing those you love together, at a time of loss. It’s a natural thing to do. More importantly, a funeral or memorial service, whether traditional, or contemporary, is the first step in healing.

You can have your service anywhere, and any way, you want. Your Choices include the place of celebration, day of the week, and time of day; the musical selection, what prayers will be said or songs you’d like sung. We can arrange to have doves, butterflies, or balloons released at the close of the service. 

The key to turning a funeral into a celebration of a life lived is through personalization.

No longer do funerals have to be somber, mournful events. Many families choose to create custom tributes that are truly reflective of their loved one’s personality and what made them special. Many even elect to have a celebration of life ceremony, where the mood is light, casual, and sometimes even festive. We pride ourselves on having a resourceful, creative and passionate staff capable of bringing a unique approach to every situation.