" It’s difficult for anyone losing a loved one and having to deal with all the logistics while grieving. The Staff was very patient and compassionate which really helped make the process a little easier. You can tell the team really does care. And they genuinely want to help make the process as easy as possible for families."

T. Lewis

" Thank you for the special care and attention you gave my daughter Chiquita Spriggs listening to details and everything about her life. This made me feel so much better knowing she was in the best care at Precious Memories Funeral Home."

S. Spriggs

" I’m thankful for your compassionate care for my best friend and family. Your service was outstanding. I’m forever grateful."

T. Brown

" The kindness of good people like you has been of great comfort during this sad time. On behalf of my family thank you so very much for your loving support."

T. Greely

" The Jefferson family would like to personally thank the amazing staff of Precious Memories Funeral Home. They were responsive, organized, professional, and compassionate. We couldn’t have trusted a better organization to prepare our loved one for and host her home going celebration. The service was amazing and surpassed our expectations." THANK YOU !

F. Jefferson

" My mother was so touched by your kindness and your gift of love. We thank you for the special care and attention given to my family."

T. Morris

" The highest level of customer service made a difficult time so much easier for my family and me. I highly recommend Mr Payne and his excellent staff at Precious Memories."

C. Moulton

" There are no words to express our gratitude. At our time of need you stepped in with a personal touch that will always be remembered. It was extremely difficult to take the initial steps into Precious Memories Funeral Home however with your smiles,warm and down home atmosphere, caring and thoughtful personalities it became easier for me. As we continue to work through the grief process it feels wonderful to know that we were able to send Fatima home in a style fit for a Queen. As she will truly be missed, it is so comforting that you all put your heart and soul in caring for our love one thank you, forever grateful."

J & Y. Wynn

" Wow! First I would like to start off by saying thank you! Thank you for your outstanding service and professionalism during our time of bereavement. After the dust has settled and my family and I have had the time to reflect and look back over my grandfather’s life and legacy, we could not have selected another family such as yours to continue his life’s journey and what he would have expected. We could not have come through this rough time without you! From the first phone call I placed to you to our departure in the cemetery was an outstanding experience. You all took the time to walk every last family member through with patience and love, and Mi Mi was the icing on the cake. Often times we are quick to make a complaint, but I want to be absolutely clear I am abundantly overjoyed. My mother said she is so at Peace because you took your time and allowed the family to tuck her “Daddy” In. Allowing us to cover him to keep him safe and warm. Wow! that makes me so happy that she is ok. Thank you! Lastly, I am so excited for this new family ship that our families have created."

W. Witherspoon & Harris Family

"The staff of Precious Memories Funeral Home were AWESOME!!!!! They treated my family with so much respect and dignity while we were mourning the loss of my father. They were VERY professional, & they felt like family. I would recommend them to anybody."

M. Sheppard

" They helped us plan the first home going I've ever had too. I lost my daughter to a very rare childhood cancer, she lived only 10 months after her diagnosis, and it hit me very hard. This couple was very empathetic, and handled my baby with such care. The cremation was very personal, we were able to view the entire process (I personally couldn't watch the entire thing) My husband needed to witness this for closure.

Manouchka make us custom pieces of jewelry with her ashes for each and every one of her siblings my husband and I as well as other members of my family. Again going above and beyond each piece was very personalized for my daughter who was taken from me. Their office is very welcoming, it actually felt like I was working directly with family."

S. Richardson

" The staff was very professional and friendly, they guided us every step of the way, explained everything and answered every question we had, they help us in making difficult decisions. I really appreciate all the attention to details in the service. I have nothing negative to say about them, truly thankful for everything they have done in honoring my mother' memory."

F. Cruz

" I've never experienced the death of a close family member. So I was not in my right mind when my mom passed. Mr. Payne and Precious Memories took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't even have to think (which was helpful b/c I couldn't.) And when I finally did come back around and needed some adjustments, they were extremely accommodating and flexible. What I appreciate the most is that Mr. Payne did little things that I didn't even know that I needed. In the end, he made it easier for me to grieve. I'm grateful."

C. Wood

" My sisters and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Payne, LaTanya, Ginger and the rest of the Precious Memories Team for giving our father a beautiful homegoing service. Everything was what we expected and more. They were always responsive and very accommodating to any request we had. Everything from the viewing to the graveside service was meticulously done. Everyone was empathetic and compassionate which helped us get through such a difficult time in our lives."

Ty. Wilson

" Precious Memories Funeral Home handled my husband's funeral beautifully. They took the time to answer every question and were always available to me no matter the time of day. Mr. Payne spoke with me personally. The online cremation arrangements are a breeze to complete. It took less than 10 minutes to fill out from the comfort of my own home. The portal was easy to navigate and I was able to identify the body safely from home without risk of my health. No question was too small. My family was more than satisfied with the service, beautiful custom jewelry, programs, and amazing keepsakes. I am thankful to my family for recommending Precious Memories."

N. Fox

" With having to cope with the lost of a loved one is enough of a burden, but Precious Memories Funeral Home takes away the other burdens that you have to encounter. They are very professional and dedicated to making sure your loved one is honored properly, while making sure you are stress free. They are great, very detailed and attentive to your needs. They assist you with every step of the process along the way. Mr. Payne is very close to my family and has provided his professional services over the years to many of my family members. I have worked with him directly to handle my grandfather and most recently my mother's arrangements, which I must say he and his team continues to provide excellent service. Precious Memories Funeral Home comes highly recommended from me and my family."

S. Carter