Myrna Nelson

Myrna Nelson, 55, of Silver Spring, Maryland died peacefully on September 5, 2021. Myrna was born in Ti- Goave , Haiti on January 13,1966. She migrated to the United States in 1992 and eventually made Maryland her home. She worked various jobs such as babysitting, housekeeping, and even selling food. Myrna's heart was warm, her smile was infectious, and her laugh was contagious.  Her family and friends will keep her loving memories, warm and gentle spirit, and random acts of kindness in their hearts.


She will be deeply missed by her six children, Nicolson, Juan, Moise, David, Yamiley, and Yuchabel. Two stepchildren, Brandine and Cliff and three grandchildren, Elijah, Nickson, and Jianna. Her nine siblings, Myrlene, Maniela, Jesula, Edly, Jacquelin, Jean-Robert, Margarette, Martine, and Siecle. And her parents Williana Pierre and Yvon Nelson. Lastly, her extended family and dear friends will also forever remember her.


Myrna was selfless, resilient, stylish, a breath of fresh air, and a woman full of sassiness. This plus so much more is what made her legendary. She had this contagious laugh that no matter the situation or emotions felt at the time, her laughter would brighten the room. She had so much love for her culture and community, she was always seen having a good time at any Haitian function; making jokes, and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Most people have never seen a woman hustle so hard for her kids and her family back home the way she did. She did not have a formal education like most, but she was street smart and that helped her navigate life so skillfully. Myrna spoke two different languages fluently (Creole and Spanish). Granted, although she did not have any formal education, she found every and anyway to provide for her family here in America as well as in Haiti. 


Selfless is to be concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own. Myrna helped a lot of families from the refugee camp in Guantanamo Bay come to the United States of America without giving it a second thought. She was never selfish and she would always share her last with any and everyone she came in contact with. Myrna took care of everyone's children within the community, she did not care who your parents were, she made sure to treat them as her own.  Even if she did not have the means to provide for that person or that family, she always found a way to make it happen. Myrna came on a ship, 3-4 months pregnant with her son David with a mission in mind. She wanted to protect and provide for her family especially for her children and future children. Never did it cross her mind to give up, the only thing she could think of was giving her family the life they deserved. 


Sassy defines someone who is lively, bold, and full of spirit. Myrna was like a sprained ankle, she wasn't anything to be played with. The lady had a mouth on her, multiple flavors, and was made up of many layers that added joy to her and others. Whatever she said goes, every look...every stare...every joke...every word of encouragement came with attitude, but also from a place of love.


Resilient is to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Coming to America was not as easy as everyone made it seem at all, she came with only the clothes she had on while being pregnant with David. Unfortunately, she had to leave her other three sons with their father because she needed to go to America and get things situated. She fought adversity because although she spoke no English she still made sure her kids were well fed, educated and happy. Myrna was dependable, if you needed someone to trust and get things done, she was the one. Myrna had a blood disorder that caused her to have multiple strokes and every time she had a stroke she came back and persevered. She fought a long, hard, and a powerful fight for 22 years. She came, she saw, she conquered.


Stylish is being fashionably elegant and confident. Myrna's taste in fashion was bold with bright colors. Myrna always made a statement when entering the room like no other. Everything must match from head to toe. She had this kind of swag that made you wonder where she got that outfit from. Her style matched her character which was bright, carefree, confident and loving. Her go to hairstyle was an updo with curl side bang. She once said to her youngest daughter, Yuchabel, “This is a la mode…in style,” and gave her a sly smirk.  


Myrna was the kind of person that could turn that frown upside down with a joke or a story that would have you laughing nonstop. She was always someone you could go and talk to. She did not judge, and kept an open mind. Her life may have been cut short, but she lived everyday how she wanted to live. Her children were her world, and to see them all come together and be with her during her last days fulfilled and concluded the closing chapter of her life.