Edward Harold Wallace

Edward Harold Wallace was born to Stewart Edward Wallace and Flaggy Rebecca Wallace on August 15, 1957 at D.C. General Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Ed was a sound basketball player, and in his prime was a legit threat on the offensive side of the court.  He was a mainstay in the Melvin Crabhouse Tournaments.

Edward was a handyman who could fix everything...superslow..  Butch loved to have Ed over to his house to fix and repair everything.  But mostly just to spend time enjoying each other's company.

Edward loved his family and spent most of his time with them.  He is survived by his brothers and sisters,  Virginia-Garrine, Arthur, Mikel, Alonzo, and St. Anthony, cousins, nieces, family members, friends Francine and Butch, Ed's daughter Mia, her mom Karen, and grandkids Kashton, Kaiden and Kasen, and his babysitter/helper Chloe.

And the special relationship that he and Anthony, Jr. had was a joy to behold.  They had a special bond,and had the funniest names for each other; Foolio-RoadKill and the name of names "Skillet".  They truly had, no, have a great relationship.